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Q)How can I contact you for a discussion?


We will be very happy to assist you in your travel plan. For any discussions you may call us @ + 91- 9910399726 Or click on “Request a Call Back” for one of our executive for contact you. Our office timings are Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm.

Q)How do I know that Tangent Inc is a reputable company?


Tangent Inc is a member of We have also completed a lot of successful trips in the past, you may like to view a few customer testimonials.

Q)What if I have some special requests regarding my travel?


We suggest that you contact one of our Travel Expert for a discuss or contact us through email @ booking@tangentinc.in

Q)What does your website offer include?


Our website offers are per person for the trip; these offers are not inclusive of taxes, which are as applicable at the time of billing.

Q)How do I register to “My Trips” section in your website?


Once you have booked for a travel trip with Tangent Inc, you will receive a user name and password from our office within 24 hours on your registered email ID. Using this user name and password you will be able to login to “My Trips” section of our website.

Q)By when do I get my pictures after uploading on your website?


You will get your pictures through a courier within 20 days from the date of uploading on “My Trips” section of our website.

Q)How do I get the user name and password of “My Trips” section in your website?


Please see the response to question no. 6.

Q)How do I do my booking through Tangent Inc?


To book you may do one of the following :
» To go “Plan My Trip” and follow the instructions.
» Click on “Request a Call Back” and submit details.
» You may call @ +91- 9910399726

Q)What if I forget my user name and password?


Once you receive username and password from our office, you can change both username and password online after logging to the website. However, if you forget user name or password, you may please call us @ + 91- 9910399726 or write to us by clicking on “Request a call back”.

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