A lot of Wellness craft dwells on ancient science of “Ayurveda”, one of the most ancient medical streams in India. Ayurveda can be roughly translated as “Knowledge of Life”, “Ayur” – “Life” and “Veda” – “Knowledge/Science”. This age-old natural science of healing dates back to 600 BC. The medicinal cures in Ayurveda focus on bringing the body elements back to their natural balance.

It not only heals and prevents a disease but also works towards longevity or age reversal. Only handpicked herbs, shrubs are used in Ayurveda and it provides treatment for medical conditions as well as cosmetic aspirations, through oil treatments, herbal medicines, massages and therapeutic exercises. The strength to cure the body lies within the body. External elements are used only to nurture and strengthen the immune system to fight the ailment.

Feast your eyes on the rich cultural heritage that gets distinctly imprinted in the memory, sip in the coconut water and ride on the backwaters, through the pine and coconut trees. But Kerala has more to offer than just this. Kerala is also one of the prime Ayurveda destinations in the world and offers several dedicated Ayurveda treatment centers. A medicinal stream that requires a thorough diagnosis and strict curative and preventive guidelines, Ayurveda over a period of time becomes a way of life for most of those who get cured by it.

Even the capital of the country counts Ayurveda as one of the most beneficial medical streams and has several centers committed to curing ailments through one of the oldest medications in the world. Several centers in Delhi offer state-of-the-art facilities for treatments and massages as well as training in Ayurveda. These centers also focus on several issues related to a stressful lifestyle and help people achieve the natural balance of various elements within the body.

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