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Tangent Inc took initiatives to keep tourist destinations clean

A wonderful country like India attracts tourists all round the year. India has something for everyone. Hence, the tourism in India is growing, not only domestically but internationally too. However, the irony is that cleanliness and hygiene requirement is not able to match the growth. If the tourist destinations are not clean, it will keep away the tourists and ultimately the tourism will go down. While Government is taking initiatives by spreading awareness and making efforts to keep the destinations clean, the responsibility is of people eventually. They need to understand the importance of destinations and help the Government in its efforts.

Initiating the ‘Clean Showcase of India’

Tangent Inc, the most popular service provider for destination management, has come forward to share the burden of Government in this noble work. The company is taking initiative to clean major tourist destinations of India. Titled as ‘Clean Showcase of India’, this campaign covers many aspects of keeping tourists destinations clean. Tangent Inc has taken resolution as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility to keep tourist destinations clean and tidy. The main concern that troubles tourist destinations is the garbage that mounds on the spot and nearby areas. The management at Tangent Inc has chalked out a plan of cleaning the garbage regularly and halting the accumulation.

Phased Planning for Clean Destinations

Various initiatives will form the part of ‘Clean Showcase of India’ by Tangent Inc. The management plans to educate the locals residing in the tourist areas about the importance of cleanliness. In the second phase, there are plans for the placement of dustbins and garbage vans near the eateries at tourist destinations. In addition, volunteers will educate the owners of the eateries to direct the waste in the dustbins located there. Tangent Inc has planned to utilise the medium of social media of spreading the awareness about the cleanliness drive. Social media has the power of influence the tourists, not only domestic ones but also foreigners. This way, the initiatives will deliver results at a faster pace.

Tools to keep the sites clean

Other concerns that need major attention at tourist destinations are the damages to the heritage monuments and structures. Various posters about this concern will be displayed at the heritage sites to spread the awareness. Volunteers from Tangent Inc will educate the citizens to become responsible traveller. They will help them understand that their visit should not be detrimental to the heritage site. The heritage site should be present in good condition for generations to come, which will help them be acquainted with Indian culture. Besides, natural and ecological sites need proper attention. Such sites are more vulnerable as both pollution and population can damage them, let alone garbage.

Plan in Action

Tangent Inc’s ‘Clean Showcase of India’ is in action already. Many tourist destinations are already in the purview of this action. The earlier the action is taken, the better and long lasting will be the results. Tangent Inc volunteers have already put their plan in action at scenic locales of Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. The results are visible already but still, there is a long way to go. Tangent Inc is confident that things will change for the better.

Request to all visitors:

We travel places and destinations to enjoy and be Happy. What we see first when we reach a destination is the place and surroundings. A clean place looks beautiful than a place full of Garbage/Litter lying here and there. On a tourist destination, we (as a tourist) can contribute a lot in keeping the destinations clean and attractive. I request all fellow travelers to follow some very basic tips as follows,

  • Do not throw wrapper, Bottles, Boxes out of the Car, Bus or Train. Stop your friends / Children you are travelling with, also.
  • Do not throw Left over Food, Fruits etc. out of the Car, Bus or Train. Stop your friends / Children you are travelling with also.
  • Keep all wrapper and Leftovers with you and dispose at the dustbins of your destination (i.e. Hotel or House). They consume, almost no space or have no weight. Please remember, we also keep partially used packets with us till we consume the last bite.
  • Do not throw leftover eatables in the open. Try to locate a dustbin in the area and dispose properly. You will find Dustbins in most of the places on tourist destinations (may be at times with little difficulty). Leftover food thrown in the open also attracts animals like Dogs, Monkeys, Cows, Goats, which is a big security hazard for our children.
  • We need to set a good example for young generation.
  • Keep one thing in mind while out to travel: “You are in the Drawing room of your House” .Will you throw the wrapper or leftover on the floor in your house? Perhaps NO. Let us behave as if the whole world is our House and we need to keep it clean as we keep our House clean.

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